Postcards from a Wedding

A Unique and Lasting Way to Congratulate Newlyweds

For the wedding of their son, the founders of Rugged Elegance, Jennifer Carolyn King and Timothy Fredel, turned to SLD&i to design a guest book for the affair to be held at the family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine. Samuel proposed a unique alternative—a series of original illustrated posters, personalized for the engaged couple, that is displayed at the ‘Crustacean Chic’ luxury lobster picnic and post-wedding brunch. The posters are also printed as postcards. Guests fill these out on site as they enjoy the event. The cards are then collected and mailed to the newlyweds' Greenwich Village residence. Upon returning from their honeymoon, the married couple is greeted by a mail slot overflowing with salutations from the occasion to be cherished forever in a keepsake box. Later, the poster versions are displayed throughout their home.  
Postcards from a Wedding leaves a lasting impression with guests as well as enduring pleasure for the married couple and visitors to their home.
Postcards were presented in baskets under a tent and poster versions were displayed throughout the grounds. Postcards also served as appealing surfaces when photographing significant items like wedding rings and jewelry. Along with gorgeous floral arrangements and other essential wedding adornments, the custom artwork helped tie the wedding together visually, elevate the sophistication, and add a personal touch. Photos: @joelserrato
Postcards (Top to Bottom): The newlyweds cat named 'Velour' and Washington Square Park where the couple frequents; A Maine lobster holding the newlyweds' wedding rings; Two paintings of lillies, their wedding flower; A medallion combining an anchor and lilies which represents the wedding location and family compound; A map of Manhattan that shows where the newlyweds reside; The wedding cake; Branches touching which represents family trees becoming connected; A cup on the newlyweds' registry based on Wedgwood Mythical Creatures China; Two pearls in a Maine oyster; Frogs celebrating based on motif used on the newlyweds invitation; The couple toasting with monograms and wine stained cuff; Back of a calla lily postcard.
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