The Retreat: SF

Beautiful Design for a Beautiful Cause

Founders of Rugged Elegance, Jennifer Carolyn King and Timothy Fredel, have created with their three children, Jessica, Nik & Hayley King Fredel, a philanthropic private foundation named the Rugged Elegance Foundation. Rugged Elegance has created two ‘place to purpose’ retreats for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ and women leaders called The Retreat:SF (San Francisco) and The Retreat:ME (Maine). Central to each is A Day To Breathe: a program of curated experiences in a spectacular setting that amplifies the voices of leaders and their teams by engendering clarity and alignment. A key feature is the Recharge Room, a sensory experience that harnesses the replenishing power of nature. The foundation hired SLD&i to brand each retreat, create their websites, and design collateral, marketing material, infographics and social media posts.
The Retreat:SF and The Retreat:ME offer curated experiences that amplify the impact of BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and women leaders by providing organizations a serene space to meet, empowering programs, and access to resources.
Branding (Top to Bottom): Logo based on the labyrinth at Lands End and the idea of amplification; The Retreat: SF homepage that shows a view from the deck.
Embossed graphic illustrations that capture the scenic environment and natural landscape central  activities and experience at the retreat.
Icon system based on activities at the retreat.
Instagram posts incorporating icons and quotes.
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